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Each Pan Pillow starts out with 2 feet of a 75 PSI High Endurance hose. Before any assembly can begin, the top side of the tube is prepped and sent out to be professionally coated with a product called Rhino Lining. Many of you will know it as a spray on box liner for truck boxes.

Two identical chrome over brass valve stems are installed, one on each end of the tube. One with a valve for filling, and one without a valve, for draining. Having 2 identical valve stems allows you to choose which side of the Pan Pillow you would like to fill and drain from by simply moving the valve from one stem to the other. Valve stems are chrome over brass, the same valve stem you would find on any car tire.

Each valve stem comes with a metal cap. Inside this metal cap is a rubber O ring. It is CRITICAL you only use a metal cap with a rubber O ring ONLY. You are relying on the seal from this O ring to ensure the Pan Pillow does not deflate during transport. Never use a plastic cap in any situation.

Legs are made from ½ inch solid aluminum rod bent in the shape of a “U”. These legs straddle the tubing on either side of the center pivot point. 

Each end of the tube is squeezed closed between (2) 1/8 x 1 inch x 16.5 inch long aluminum flat bar. 11 Ultra Heavy Duty rivets seal each end shut.

Safety cable is made from 1/8 inch galvanized cable with a chrome-coated clasp and rings.


The Pan Pillow has a working load limit of 20 PSI. For use in oil pan protection, you would need approximately 5 PSI. When using as a jacking device, 20 PSI. See Examples page.

It is far to difficult to try to keep up with all the makes, models and years, so with the help of many of you I have never met (thank you) 7 common sizes were created. To ensure your Pan Pillow will fit properly, please refer to the 2 pictures below for the correct sizing for your wheel lift. Sizes do not have to be exact. Next size larger than your measurements will work fine.  This is an example of a 9 inch spread with 3.5 inch tubing.
Common Sizes:

Please note the picture next to the sizing and you will see the leg mount brackets are riveted directly to the tubing.

3 inch legs with an 8 inch spread

3.5 inch legs with a 9 inch spread

3.5 inch legs with an 11 inch spread

All sizes with a spread larger than 11 inches require the legs to be mounted to a 3 x 6 inch plate. These plates are riveted closer to the center of the tube allowing the Pan Pillow to form to its designed shape once inflated. Bonus to this is that you can replace legs and leg mounts without having to open up the tube.

3.5 inch legs with a 14 inch spread

3.5 inch legs with a 16 inch spread

4.0 inch legs with a 16 inch spread

4.5 inch legs with a 16 inch spread 

6.5 inch legs with a 16 inch spread


If you have a wheel lift that these sizes won’t fit, we also build custom sizes.

Coming soon, a Pan Pillow to fit the Dynamic auto loader. Stay tuned! We will also creating a section on how to repair and REBUILD your Pan Pillow.


A single unit order sold in Canada is $345.00 plus applicable taxes. Shipping charges may be applied outside distributor's local. Contact distributor for multiple unit discount.

All Pan Pillows come with a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year limited manufacturers defect warranty.

Canadian Distributors:

Canadian Towing Equipment
2492 Cedar Creek Rd.
Ayr, Ontario
N0B 1E0
Phone: 1-800-267-5522

Alberta Motor Association
Canada Wide


Pillow Protection Corporation
9815-149 Street,
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5P 1K5
Contact: Allan Mayhew
Phone: 780 908-6560
Fax:     780 455-7764
Email:  info@panpillow.com

For Orders from Within the US:

Zips Truck Equipment
316 W|Milwaukee St.
New Hampton IA 50659

1 800 222-6046 www.zips.com 


Many have been using the Pan Pillow for well over 10 years with great success. At Pillow Protection Corp, we take great pride in the Pan Pillow and with a 100% success rate in customer satisfaction, we want to hear from you if you are experiencing any problems or concerns with the product. If you would like to share some of your experiences and help our fellow tow operators who may be unsure of the need for the Pan Pillow in their operation, please take a moment to email us and we will post your comments in our News and FAQ’S section.

Enjoy the product. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at info@panpillow.com

The Pan Pillow® is Manufactured and distributed by
Pillow Protection Corporation
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 

Words can only say so much, true belief will come with the experience.


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