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My name is Allan Mayhew and I am the inventor of the Pan Pillow. My experience spans over 25 years as a light duty tow truck operator. Before we go any further with all the good stuff, I have to bring to the attention to ALL who visit this site, that after completing more than 30,000 calls with over 10,000 of those calls being tow calls, I, as do all in the industry deserve to be referred to as a TOW TRUCK OPERATORS. When referred to as a Two Truck DRIVER all I can do is bite my lip and think... if you only knew, driving was the easiest part of the job.
I was employed with the Alberta Motor Association which is responsible for providing roadside assistance for the province of Alberta which is located in western Canada. We are connected with the CAA, (Canadian Automobile Association) which is the equivalent of the AAA in theUSA. friends. It is a huge operation with an annual operating budget of approximately $40,000,000.00. In the two major cities of Edmonton and Calgary the AMA owns and operate their own fleets comprising of over 130 service units, and severl hundred employees. This was the birth place of the Pan Pillow.
Believe me when I say "It has been one hell of a ride"! and its just getting started. Other than having the opportunity to play with heavies, I would not work for any other operation doing what I am doing now. We have great equipment, very well maintained units with over 80% less than 5 years old, and most important, we have a management team that is forward thinking and strive to supply us the most up to date equipment to help the operators get their job in an easy and efficient manner.
Ranked 14 in the top auto clubs in NORTH AMERICA last time I heard, it appears we are doing some things right. Having said all that, many of you must be thinking that I am saying all this because Pillow Protection Corp and the AMA have ties together. WRONG! I invented a product and AMA gave me the opportunity to develop it into the product it is today. From the start of the very first prototype I introduced, AMA allowed me to do my thing. No-one, including me, knew what the outcome would be so one quiet rainy morning I loaded up the "training Tempo", (not the one you see in the video) and headed out with the video camera strapped to the wheel lift in search of the biggest bumps I could find. Once I reviewed the video from the maiden voyage... I knew I was in deep. By the way, the first prototype was a modified inflatable kayak seat. Long but GREAT story how... with each tow,  the Pan Pillow evolved. Your going to have to buy the book,  but there are many more chapters to unfold before then.
The short form of an AMAzing story is that with input from the operators and supervisors the Pan Pillow evolved into the product it is today. Afther making several prototypes and refining, it was time to take the Pan Pillow to market. The first sale came when pressure from the operators at the point that management could no longer ignore the constant "When do I get mine". On January 1, 2006 AMA made the right decision and equipped every tow truck on the Edmonton fleet with a Pan Pillow. Imagine the pressure on the fleet now all 30 wreckers were equipped and all management could do was to wait and see which operator was going to be the first to report a damaged oil pan and why. It only took 2 months for the curse to strike with our first oil pan damage claim. Problem wasn't a failure with the Pan Pillow, the failure came with the operator not using it.
as to why the damage occurred. , Even if you have bragging rights like myself who has never had a single oil pan damage claim in 25 years, let me share this with the "elite" of us. You can keep on using your "Stuck in the past methods" of all the extra work we all have had to perform in the past with success, but I will guarantee you this. with the Pan Pillow, my hookup will be faster, simpler and I will leave you in the dust with every tow and waiting for my next call long before you even get to your drop.
The new web site is a work in progress as the Pan Pillow moves forward deeper into the internet world. I would welcome any comments or questions you may have in any aspect of towing that we may be able to assist. I work with a great bunch of very experienced operators who share their experiences and how they dealt with a particular situation.
You are invited to submit comments (good or bad) or questions you may have, and we will try to supply you with our experiences and what worked for us. Pillow Protection Corp. is looking forward to posting all feed back you would like to share.
In closing I would just like to say that the site is a work in progress and we look forward to any questions you may have to help the site grow. I am looking for the support from all of you that have towed with the Pan Pillow to share your experiences as well as any of you that may just be interested in another point of view.
Allan J. Mayhew
Pillow Protection Corp.
In the near future I will be showing you how to do repairs and rebuild aPan Pillow. If the bladder is still in great shape and all needed is to replace the metal componentsit can be cost effective and simple to do.
Couple of point I would like to address.
For those of you that are trying to get away with just leaving "SOME" air in the Pan Pillow and not inflate and deflate after every use, I thank you. All you are doing is shortening the lifespan of the Pan Pillow which will increase my sales. The pictures below tell the truth. More importantly than the PSI, you need to achieve an inflated height (before you tilt level) of approximately 4 inches. This will help extremely delay damage to the end bars. Low air will cause the tow vehicle to impact hard enough to start wrapping the end bars of the Pan Pillow around the wheel lift. It will also start flattening the leg mounts.


Caps and Valves.
As stated in the instructions, you need you replace both on a regular basis. NEVER USE A PLASTIC CAP ON THE DRAIN SIDE OF THE PAN PILLOW. The metal cap has a rubber washer that is critical to the seal. These caps have to be replaced when the washer is lost, damaged or flattened from extended use.
Valves need to be replaced periodically as extended use will wear out the seal. Unlike a valve in a tire, the valve of the Pan Pillow is used far more and causes wear. Reality is that most of us never put the valve cap back onto the fill side and if this is the decision you choose to make, you are on your own. If you are experiencing a leak, first replace the drain cap and then the valve. 90 % of leaks are from these two points.
Never use the Pan Pillow without the safety cable attached. Test videos showed that in extreme impacts on the Pan Pillow, the force caused the legs to fold up sideways which may cause the Pan Pillow to shift or detach from the wheel lift.

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