.: Chassis Saver

Pillow Protection Corp. has also branched out into the wonderful world of protecting Funny Cars and Dragsters with a  version of the Pan Pillow appropriately named, the Chassis Saver.
The need for the Chassis Saver is to remove any flex and added stress to the chassis frame and suspension of the race car during transport. Once inflated, the Chassis Saver will carry the entire weight of the engine and remove any added stress to the chassis and frame.

The creation of the Chassis Saver came from the owner of an auto repair shop that happened to see a co-coworker tow a vehicle to his facility and noticed the Pan Pillow. He saw another application for the Pan Pillow to eliminate suspension wear on particular race cars. From there, word of mouth expanded into Funny Cars and the
Chassis Saver was born. Big names are using it, and lovin it.
Like every new application of an invention, the Chassis Saver had to be put through testing by the owners and just like the Pan Pillow, it came back with rave reviews.